Thursday, 28 March 2013

SCV = Sexy Cold Voice

After feeling a bit off yesterday, it's confirmed today, I have a cold.
The only good thing about a cold is the Sexy Cold Voice.

Well good for most, I don't get the sexy cold voice, I just sound infectious.

And I'm not going to get my flower now. Living in St. Kilda, the local florist I was friends with, would always bring me a flower when I was ill, just to make me feel better. I'm gonna miss that man.

I shouldn't even be sick, I've been looking after myself better in the past month than I have for years.

Grrr, I hate colds.


Well I was wrong, seems like this cheeky turtle has a dose of the flu.

Update on the Update

Apparently cough mixture and a V drink don't mix well. There's a party in my head and I'm struggling to keep up.

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