Saturday, 30 March 2013

My New Years resolution is still going strong

New Years Eve is the typical time when people put their resolutions for the new year on the cards, many of those re-use the same resolutions each year, including me.

Fact - Only around 12 per cent of people stick to their New Year's resolution

My New Years resolution for this year was to put an end to my swearing, cursing, profanity, whatever you want to call it. Being a person that thought nothing of throwing in the odd F-bomb every now and again, I was at the stage where I didn't even notice I was using them but I know I wasn't too bad. It's been a full 3 months in now and I must say, I think I've done really well! I can't recall uttering a single curse word, of course thinking them is a totally different story. Although, I haven't done anything really painful to myself or been caught out in a situation where swearing would commonly slip out.

This resolution resulted from 2 places. Watching Gordon Ramsey on one of his restaurant shows and listening to 2 women on a tram into the city one night. Now I'm not a prude, but it just gets to the point of being vulgar and seriously, is it really necessary? I had to turn Gordon off because it was off-putting, I wanted to see what the show was about, but he was just too much. And these 2 women on the tram, dressed to the perfection with full face done, hair perfect, looking gorgeous but then their mouths opened. Every second word was F-this and F-that, I started wondering if they spoke to their parents like that. What was wrong with these women that they couldn't control it on a busy tram surrounded by older people and young kids. I generally have no issue with people swearing, I don't get offended as I don't really care, but these 2 were horrible.
I really did think this resolution would be a difficult one for me to uphold, but I've surprised myself and  it's become natural. Give it another 3 months and I think I'll be cured from the 'swearing like a trucker' woman I was and I'll let swearing back into my vocabulary as long as it's in context.

Fact - Swearing is the verbal equivalent of attacking a punching bag to rid yourself of frustrations.

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  1. Good for you keeping up with your resolution. I personally hate profanity. I think it makes people sound less educated than they are. I hear a lot of it on campus, and I cringe when every other word is an f-bomb, thinking, "Don't these people realize how ignorant they sound? Use some new words, people!"

    To quote Duchess Crawley from Downton Abbey: "Vulgarity is no excuse for wit."


Thanks for the comment :)