Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Can an old friend ever really be a stranger?

So I had my impromptu Burvale Hotel thing on last night and I was disappointed at the turn out, but it ended up being a brilliant night (everythings coming up Milhouse!).
On leaving, I ran into an old mate from school, haven't seen him in 10+ years. It was still early, so when after telling me about his wife, kids, small talk, etc. he asked me back to his place to catch-up, I was happy too. I can't believe how much he's grown, it was quite hard to not look at him as the teenager I remembered for a while, but after chatting for a couple of hours that had certainly changed. He was one of those guys boys you think growing up won't turn into much. Sure enough he failed High School and bummed around for a while, but then went onto TAFE and University and is now a business owner. Married to a stunning woman, with a little boy and another on the way, the token Labrador, beautiful home, well travelled, the complete package.
So I've been invited over for his Birthday BBQ in a few weeks and unsure whether to go or not. It would be great to talk with both of them, as they were so lovely, but it doesn't feel right even though it is totally innocent. We shall see.

Will have to re-think the online dating meet thing too now, but there's a few ideas up my sleeve.

What I've learnt...  Expect the unexpected with no expectations.

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