Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Damnwidth and Personal Trainer #3, Chatting with Caz

Woke up to a lovely surprise this morning, no bandwidth! Seriously? So annoying when I have so much to do online at the moment, so I'm blogging today at not even full dial-up speed. I was 200% sure I'd settled on a plan with the enough damnwidth (yep it's my word of the day) to get access to what I needed, what I wanted and a bit more for. But no, so I'll need to look at upgrading and the issue with that is I have no damnwidth to research other suppliers. Damn you Optus (shaking fist) damn you!
Rant over.

Although I'd cancelled my appointment with PT#2 due to my quads, I was determined not to cancel with Personal Trainer #3. I found a fix that worked but didn't feel very good. I sleep on my stomach (or else my boobs try to strangle me) so I decided to turn my electric blanket up to full heat, setting it for 75mins and snoozing my way to relief. Now, trust me here it wasn't nice, it was uncomfortable being so warm, laying in sweat was gross and I woke up feeling like an unbathed hippie but it really worked, no quad pain! 

Moving on, I met up with PT#3 at the same place I was at with PT#1, found out this is there regular spot, all good except for the bird that likes to stare at himself in car mirrors, seriously this bird is so vain! Will try a towel over it next time, he can stare into anothers mirror. And there was some Cross Training school thing on so there was a constant stream of kids. 
Anyway PT#3 is Caroline, sorry Caz, and I gotta say, what an incredible lady. Firstly what I found different from PT#1 was that I felt instantly at ease, not sure if it was a woman thing or having already met one, the next was easier but it was great. Secondly it was like chatting with friend more than anything else, we have so many little things in common, I'm surprised we haven't crossed paths before. We went to Primary School next to each other and would have been in the same grade, we have a similar work change story although different industries, a main relationship has been similar, family mix and story is quite similar, we've both tried online dating and nickname our cars. But then there's the interesting opposites too, Caz is a traveller and I haven't found my airfeathers yet, she's moved out whereas I've moved in, what we find attractive in guys is a total opposite and there's more, but I'm not sharing.
I swear if her favourite colour is Aqua, I'll be speechless.
But it wasn't all sitting and chatting, we talked while we walked and it was fun, I also have no heel pain! That's what I want, I want this Personal Training to be fun or I'll stop. I can't believe we chatted for over 2 hours, I felt guilty as I'm sure she had other things do to. So I think I've found my PT in Caz, if she'll have me. The 2 year commitment didn't seem to phase her.
PT#1 isn't out of the woods though, give me a few months and I think I'll be ready for a bit of Leigh's style. But now what to do with PT#2, I've decided to call and thank him but let him know I've found what I'm after. I'm not going to settle for second best anymore.
Dang it! I forgot to get Caz's number.

So after that meeting today, I missed out on getting done what I wanted but do I care? Hell no! I'm one step closer to being the best I can be.

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