Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The only way is up..... right?

Ok, I think I've gotten my head around the weekend so here goes.

Wrong number guy
So this guy called me and he's dialled the wrong number but a quick chat and we decided to meet for breakfast. It may sound like a strange way to meet people but imagine the romance of the story if someone asks how we met?
So sitting at the Cafe and this guy approaches, (we organised to spot each other by wearing green tops) and I'm surprised how attractive he is, he really pulls off the green. After simple introductions, we order breakfast as I'm starving, scrambled eggs and bacon on toast, YUM! He seems quite shy at first not giving any eye contact and it's kinda cute. I start asking him about what he likes to do for fun and if he's travelled, 'the usuals' and I keep getting one word answers. Running... weights... Bali... Brothers... I don't believe I've ever had a more boring, one-sided conversation. So I pay for what I've ordered and thank him for meeting me and get up to leave, he states and I quote 'your nice, wanna breakfast next week?' So I was short, sweet and to the point... 'No!'

What I've learnt... Pretty, shiny boxes can still just be cardboard.
So I POF message this younger guy W that I've had a short back and forth convo with and I'm surprised to see he's at my local venue (he lives close to city). So I organise to meet him after the original meet. After waiting 15 mins and not seeing him, my phone battery dying, I decided to leave. Heading out of the venue, I stop myself and pull up at the exit. He comes over shortly after.
So I start chatting and then he says that his mate set this all up. I ask him name and he says J. Apparently, his mate W set up the profile with J's permission and gets in contact with people, gives them J's number and then texts back and forth. I'm the first person  J has met from online as I'm local (J is from Doncaster, W is the distant one).
I ask questions to try and get him talking but it's just not working, 20/30mins later we say goodbye and leave.
Heading off, I decided to head to Kmart to buy a car charger and when I plug my phone in, he's texted saying he's read the online messages between W and I, haha.
I don't want to say he's boring, as I don't know if he is, he didn't ask questions about me or open up much at all. I'd have to see this guy again and see, but mates possibly.

What I've learnt... You can led a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Bring on the next ones.

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