Saturday, 23 March 2013

It can't be said I'm not eager

Had to cancel on my night out last night and meeting Personal Trainer #2 today due to quad pain. After researching online, I've found rest and heat to be the most recommended treatments, so 3 hot showers today and maybe a movie night tonight, cuddling a heatpack.
Fingers crossed I'll be able to get Chase out for a walk tomorrow and  be moving enough for meeting with Personal Trainer #3 on Tuesday.

I discovered during the week my local Contours gym is running a free 7 day trial at the moment as opposed to the usual 5 day, so after emailing them, that's tentatively planned for next month.
And I've also found a local walking group on MeetUp, so that's penned in for April 13. Maybe I'm pushing myself too much, maybe not enough.

During the week, I also signed up for an online 'Writing for the Web' course starting late April through, as it only goes for 2 months, I thought why not.

Anyway, back to tonight, tossing up between Taken 2 and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, nope going with a classic, The Green Mile. Someone wanna toss my heatpack in the nuker?

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