Thursday, 28 March 2013

It ain't easy being Green, not this day anyway.

Went on another meet today! Let's call this guy Green. He was working at a location nearby, so we organised to grab a coffee and a bite to eat, at a cafe near Blackburn Station I'd been to before (yes I don't drink coffee, but it's not about the coffee!). Simple introductions and it was obvious 'Green' was shy and uneasy and not that I mind that, believe it or not I'm shy, difference is I see shyness is a self imposed barrier we can all break through. As usual (only because silence is a meet-killer) I take the lead and start asking questions, usually about what they did last weekend and a bit about work, general stuff to get to know them a bit. 'Green' was very forthcoming with his answers and soon appeared to relax and settle, it doesn't take long. So I get around to asking about if he's met others from the site and how they've resulted, 'Green' says he's met a few and it's going well, he's not found the right woman yet but has made some female friends along the way. Great, good for him! Some more talking and I'm thinking this is the sort of guy I want to be socialising with. All of a sudden with a mouthful of food he gets this odd look on his face, I instantly think he's going to start choking. 'Green, how ya doing' gets said from somewhere and there's suddenly this man standing next to me, 'Green' starts coughing and this new guy introduces himself, and asks if I'm Green's new assistant. Of course as I don't know what this new guy knows about the 'Greens' online stuff so I casually say no, just a friend. So this new guy starts talking about how the kids went during the birthday on the weekend. I sit there thinking, maybe he has a kid or it's a Nephew, whatever... I don't mind. More talking, this new guy would talk the ears off a wooden buddha, he gets up casually states to 'Green' he should bring his Wife and kids over for a BBQ before the rain sets in for the year. Looking at me the new guy says "Greens' Wife makes the best meatballs'. Now you might be thinking OMG! What did she do! Did she turn him into meatballs!?!
Well... I waited until his friend grabbed his coffee and left. 'Green' started to say 'Sorry, I' and I cut him off. Now I'm not a prude and not judgemental, I'm not against what he wants, just the way he's going about it. I could have been a real Bitch to this guy but really, what would that have achieved? So I told him that I didn't care of his reasons for being on the site, the issue was he lied about it on the site, to me in messages and to my face. I swear, everyone would have a better chance at finding what they wanted if they were just honest to themselves and others from the start. 

What I've learnt... Even the best liars get caught in the end, as you cannot control the unexpected.

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