Wednesday, 10 April 2013

They may say laughing is the best medicine but too much and it aches!

Couldn't sleep last night, too much on my mind, sometimes I think I should keep some Chloroform handy to knock myself out. Ended up folding and hanging laundry, and watching re-runs of The Walking Dead.
Mum's still in Hospital, more tests and possibly an angiogram (know nothing about them so Google is my next stop). Playing it by ear as to how much longer she'll be in.

I considered cancelling my PT session with Caz from Pick Yourself Up Personal Training but there's nothing I can do at the Hospital, so working on my health was the next best option. I'm really glad I kept the booking, it was good to get my mind onto something I didn't have to think about (ok I know that last line is a bit of an oxymoron :P). I didn't have to wait long for Caz, she was really bubbly and it certainly brightened my mood. Being a portable service she keeps all her equipment in her car, so after a bit of unpacking it was time to get the body in gear. Now I can't remember the order exercises came in (I still haven't slept) but there was boxing, walking, weights, stepping, leg lifts, more boxing, more walking, kicking, horizontal cycling, boxing again and a bit of twisting thrown in. Oh and it was a modelling day also which she didn't give me warning for, front, side and booty views of the way I look now (I best be careful, she now has blackmail material) and that vain bird was there at my car mirrors again, but I have a plan! Oven Mitts to cover my side mirrors, if that doesn't work, I might give the council a call as it's quite annoying. Looks like she may have picked up a new client during our session also (I had a peek at her planner, she is one mega busy chick!)
No wonder Caz is so popular, she's so much fun, I swear I'm not calling what we do workouts anymore, they're laughouts now and she has good taste in music too. All in all a great session and I'm now confirmed for every Tuesday and Thursday for a while. She's also recommended a Doc for me in the area, so will have to get onto a health check before long.

So that's it, it's now 7pm and I'm starting to get hungry, the smell of chicken and vegies in the slowcooker are wafting through the room.

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