Thursday, 4 April 2013

New 'n Flashy VS Old 'n Trusty - Breaking up with my Mac

This may sound nuts, but I don't want to touch my new MacBook, it's almost... well, scary.

I've got this MacBook (working on my old one here) set up the way I like it, I know where everything is, I know the feel of the keys under my fingers, the weight of it on my lap, the perfect screen tilt, the sound of the keys as I tap away, I know exactly where the cursor will land when I swipe the touchpad and knowing it will have loaded by the time I'm back with toast in the morning.
It's all so familiar and sounding weird here but, my MacBook and I are one. Sure it's a bit slower now and it has some battlescars but it's like an old friend that's never done me wrong.

So how do I move forward? Do I have the occasional fling with the new one, in hopes I fall for it, in the meantime always coming back to the familiar and trusted old one.

Do I break it off with this one permanently by getting rid of it? I don't know if I can, it holds so much of 'me'. So many late night very early morning sessions together, researching ways to get me to sleep at 3am, entering competitions, watching and laughing at so many +YouTube videos.

Or do I wait, continuing our unity until it finally succumbs to it's Click of Death and folder blink for the final time, unable to be resuscitated by the trusty bash on my knee it's used too.

I'm so torn.

I'm a Mac girl, I always will be.

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