Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Good people come to those who suffer through the idiots

Met a great guy last night, let's call him Deep (the best way I can think to describe him). 

We'd been conversing online for a while and when he suggested a meet, I was apprehensive. With the messages between us and getting to know about each other going really well, I didn't want meeting in person to feel strained. But I agreed and choose Barkly's Hotel in Heidelberg as it's in the middle of where we both are, it had a great little area at the front, perfect for people watching (although it was 8:30pm then, not many people walking by). I really shouldn't have been concerned though, I'm pleased to say that I have no regrets. Deep is a great guy, very much a deep thinker which I like and an interesting view on things, I can see some good chats happening even if we disagree. He was also the one that told me about MeetUp. Our conversations flowed well and no awkward moments except for when Deep called our meet a 'date', awkward on my part as I didn't see it as a date. I certainly wasn't prepared or dressed for a date anyway.
With the staff at Barkly's beginning to pack for the night, it was time to say goodnight after talking for 2 hours. Slight distraction, one staff member was letting down a shade umbrella outside as we left the venue and I was sure it was going to hit him in the head, he looked so awkward. Back to Deep, after walking me to my car, he asked for a cuddle and I was happy to oblige. I didn't realise how tall he was until he hugged me but it felt good, he's a great hugger, nice and firm, and he smelt really nice too.
About an hour later, I texted Deep to thank him for meeting me and the cuddle, he replied back really positively. So I will see him again, he recommended a movie to me, would be a good second meet/date but will play it by ear.

What I've learnt... Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

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