Thursday, 18 April 2013

My guy crush at training!!

Training was rough this week. I was 30mins early on Tuesday, so I walked until my session started and by the end I was wrecked. Today's session was worse. My alarm didn't work so I was asleep when Caz texted about training, I saw 4am and woke up on the couch, so not sure how much I slept. Dashed around (I hate being rushed) and out the door, not until stepping on the wet grass did I realise I wasn't wearing shoes, it really wasn't my morning.

So I get to training late, half asleep and only feeling 50%, this is so not a good look but I'm ready (I hope I'm not getting sick again). Training goes ok and Caz records my weight and measurements, I told her I didn't want to know the numbers, so will be interesting to see what changes in 6 weeks.

Anyway, we get to talking about something and she shows me a great photo of her family and there's a familiar face in the photo. Not Caz's, her Brother Chris! I met Chris at Tafe, it would be over 10 years ago now and had a huge crush on him, one of only 2 guys I've ever had crushes on. I used to think of Chris occassionaly and wonder how things turned out for him, now I know. Still single but interested in someone, living in Templestowe and almost a qualified personal trainer. I don't know if Caz was joking or not when she said he could use some experience with clients and was I up for it, Hell no Sista!. Writing this I still can't believe it. I was so freaked out and knowing he was upstairs (we trained at Caz's family home) I just wanted to hide, yet I also wanted to see him, weird hey! Anyway, as we were chatting, small world it being, it's come to be I also knew Caz's ex and she is still in contact with one of the Staff members I was really close too back then. Will be interesting what we chat about at the next session.

I've also got to start eating breakfast regularly as per Caz's advice and she wants proof. So ignore the upcoming food photos.


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