Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sunday night, I should have stayed home but so glad I didn't

Just heading out the door on another date Sunday night I lost my cuddle buddy Deep, he rang and apparently his ex was didn't like that he was cuddling (no sexual contact at all) with another woman. Although I am fine with it, I really don't want to get between them, I had put time into this 'partnership' and am disappointed as I know what a gem I had found. I don't know, maybe it was me, ...well it was me but you know what I mean.
I had to put that out of my mind though, for the date I was heading to when Deep rang. It was a quickie date, was speaking to the guy in the afternoon and agreed on a date that night. Quick and easy, it's a great break from the messaging back and forth and forgetting details. So I met Tool at the Bayswater Hotel for a drink, good looking guy, tradie with a great smile. Shame I didn't get to speak to him much, he was all 'let's go have sex, I don't live too far', 'how about a bit of fun in the back of my car', 'wanna **** in the bushes outside' and my favourite from the night was when the unzipped his pants and made jerking motions with his hands, standing at the bar mind you. What a tool! 10 minutes that lasted before I gave him a suggestion about Mrs Palmer and left.
So, safety wise I wasn't going straight home in case he followed me, which he did for a bit but then he dropped off just before the Manhattan in Ringwood. This guy made me feel so insecure and knowing there was security as the Manhattan, I headed in there.
With the night I had, old habits crept in and I reached for the hidden ciggie stash in my glovebox. With $50 in my bag, I went into the Manhattan and played the pokies for a bit. I had a win and opted to leave, it had been about an hour, I doubt Tool would have waited outside that long. Being cautious though I lit a smoke and got talking with the Security officer there. He talked about his ex and the issues he's having seeing his 10 month old Daughter, I told him about losing my cuddle buddy and Tool and we chatted for over an hour. He even offered me a few cuddles, asking each time which was sweet. He showed me a photo on his phone which I got him to send to me -->
Anyway to finish the story, I was talking with this guy for hours and it was never awkward,  he made me feel very comfortable, just what I needed. I sent him a text when I got home wishing him the best with his Daughter (got his number off the photo message) and we texted back and forth for another hour, I had to call it quits for the night, it was 4am. Will have to stop by the Manhattan again sometime...

What I've learnt... One door shuts another opens!


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