Friday, 30 August 2013

I'd cut off a toe to get to some sleep

Having one of those nights were I just can't get to sleep...

Been back to bed about four times, and spent at least an hour each time hoping I won't wake up for a while, but it's just not working.

I've tried my usual tricks-

Thinking goodnight to each body part, starting with my toes till I feel a tingle of acknowledgement and move onto the next part.
........ No Luck

Reverse psychology, 'I don't need sleep, sleep is for pussies!'
........ Nope, it never works

Now I remember when I was younger, seeing a guy on TV who was treating people who had issues falling asleep. His 'trick' was to ask/tell your brain something like 'There's is nothing I can do tonight, that can't wait till tomorrow'. I remember it working a few times for me but do you think I can remember what that statement was?
Google, usually one of tried and true advisors, is being no help at all. How I wish I could find that statement and finally get some sleep.


  1. I sometimes try to count sheep, but then I can't control them
    the start jumping to fast for me to count
    so I get a sheep dog
    but even he can't control them
    so I imagine a machine with a gate that lets them out one at a time
    but they get around that too

    my sheep are very sneaky

    technically the idea is to clear your mind, only focusing on counting
    but I create a whole messy universe completely defeating the purpose

    oh well ;)

  2. I close my eyes think of nothing and focus only on my breathing... It always works for me ;)


Thanks for the comment :)