Friday, 13 September 2013

No cards please!

My birthday is only a few days away and my friends have made sure I celebrate this year. Usually it's just Dinner with family and that's it. So I'm actually looking forward to this one as it's not just another day, although a little nervous as I don't know what they have planned for me.

But anyway, my family knows my dislike of cards. Birthday, Christmas, all those events where usually a card is appropriate, I don't like as I think they are a waste. Why spend $5 on a card to write 'To Claire, From Whoever,' that's all anyone usually writes on mine anyway. Pointless.

If I kept them it might be a different story but I don't, I read them and throw them away. In my perfect world, if someone wanted to write something to me they would write it on the back of a receipt or used envelope, possibly even a page out of a note book but never would they go into a shop to purposely spend money on a card that could to towards buying me a drink, something I would much prefer.

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  1. I agree. Your spoken word (or even a text) is enough to tell me that you care about me. :)


Thanks for the comment :)