Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The only place to start is at the beginning

Wanting to completely separated myself from my old life, I gave up just about everything. Work, home, friends, social life, my much loved blog. I moved with the possessions I could fit in my car, although it's only a hatchback Corolla, I got most of my good stuff. The reason I did this is quite personal and will maybe delve into it a little here another time, but respect my wish not too right now.
It's been a huge action I've taken, life changing, and I'm only just starting to deal with it's consequences.

Good consequences I should say.
Firstly the blog, I missed chatting about stuff and a new one should be very empowering, especially since I'll be going through a life overhaul.
Work will end soon and I've decided not to get another job for a while, it's time for me.
And my great little place in St Kilda, I turned it into my home but I have more space in my new house now. I'm back in the area I grew up in and it's so long since I was here, it's all changed.
Unsettled about leaving my friends, although it would be great to stay in contact with some, I don't see it as a positive option. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and forming friendships, with people I have a genuine interest in spending time with.
I've wiped my debts, cancelled all my local area memberships, soon to be quitting smoking, looking at personal trainers and exercise groups, I've cut my hair short and a new phone number is in progress.
I'm also going to start dating again, ergo the name of the blog. Online dating seems to be the way these days, so the profile is up in a few places and we'll see what happens.

So that's it, a couple of pieces into the jigsaw of reasons why this blog is now here. Cheers!

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